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Galvano Mondo manufactures electroplating chemicals & serves in more than 36 countries with its 50 distributors & 7 corporate offices and warehouses. Galvano Mondo headquarters and main production is located in Istanbul Turkey.

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Every month about 4.000.000 door handles, 12.000.000 drawer handles, 50.000 tons of fasteners, 5.000.000 hinges, 3.000.000 lock parts, 1.000.000 imitation jewellery, 500 tons of textile buttons, 25.000 tons of automotive parts, 2.000.000 pieces of souvenirs are electroplated with our chemicals.

This is only as far as we know. But these are only numbers for us.

You can see us everywhere in your life but you just do not know our name. We think that Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day. To serve to people by giving them better products and to see them satisfied, makes us happy. And we know that with these numbers above we have a small but effective role in the development of the industries we serve.

Honesty is what we are proud of since 5 decades of Galvano Mondo’s life.

We have been always honest to our customers to our distributors even to our competitors. Because we know that if a company is not honest to its customers the infrastructure which we build in years will collapse someday. So our honesty is the most valuable service we give to our customers.

Technical Service.

Our technical service works in two ways and both is always in connection. In laboratory and on the field. All our technical staff in laboratory and on the field is formed from experienced engineers and chemists which can serve to our customers wherever they are in the world. They always try to fix the customer problems in fastest and cheapest way in the benefit of the customer

We formulate electroplating processes to make our customers life and production easier. Our main concern is producing better, reliable, easy to use and competitively priced chemicals.

And while we are working on this we use most developed equipments in our 4 main laboratories in 4 different countries. Our experienced chemical engineers work with different universities and university members to develop new technologies and testing them. Also our laboratories serves to our customers for analysing their tanks.

Also in our laboratories we have large scale pilot electroplating lines and tanks for testing our newly developed chemicals before marketing

We are a big, connected family with our customers, distributors and employees. We know that we will get bigger if we are kind to our family and equipped enough to solve their problems. And we are working hard to be in that way,

So, please be sure that,

You are not alone. Whenever you need

Galvano Mondo will be there assisting you to success.

What we Produce

Kgs of Electroplating Chemicals We Produce Every Month
Door handles are plated with our Products Every Month
Tons of Fasteners are Succesfully Plated with our Processes Every Month
Hours of Work Every Year for Innovation, R&D in each of Our Laboratories
  • Zincalloy Ni 3700 is an alkaline zinc-nickel process plating alloy layers with 12 – 15 % of nickel at high efficiency.

  • Very homogenous metal distribution, even nickel incorporation

  • High corrosion protection according to the demands of the automotive industry

  • Excellent passivate receptivity

  • No more deposits on anodes, tanks or plumbing

  • High current load capacity, burning resistance

  • High conductivity – reduced bath voltage- Fastest deposition cycles ever

  • The deposited layers correspond to IMDS-No. 736126.