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We Are Here To Serve You

Galvano Mondo manufactures electroplating chemicals & serves in more than 36 countries with its 50 distributors & 7 corporate offices and warehouses. Galvano Mondo headquarters and main production is located in Istanbul Turkey.

Galvano Mondo is in the plating business since 1968 manufacturing plating chemicals for plating industry in  Turkey

The quality, the economy of our brighteners and the other chemicals made us a worldwide chemical exporting company in mid 90 ‘s.  We started our manufacturing adventure by producing brighteners & plating processes for known European companies for years.

And since the start of the new millennium we are selling best quality products for best prices in our own brands.

Everything we make & every step we take will shape the future, we are aware of this fact. To shape the future we must continue to work on greener chemicals which does not have harmful effect on nature & beings.

Our customers are in the middle of what we do. Always we have to supply them the best quality and competitively priced products. That is how we and our customers can survive.

We continuously must work on innovative products to be ahead of the requirements of our customers.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for our bussiness. When our customers needs the technical service we must be there for them with knowledge, experience and the right hardware.

Thats what we do since 50 years.

And our increase in market shares shows that we are doing it in a right way.

What We Produce

Zinc & Zinc Alloy Processes % 50
Cathodic Electrophoretic Lacquers % 25
Nickel/Chromium Chemicals % 15
Decorative Plating Chemicals % 10
Customer Satisfaction % 100