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  • Full range of acid zinc, alkaline non cyanide zinc, cyanide zinc, acid zinc nickel, alkaline zinc nickel and zinc iron electrolytes , passivates and sealers.

  • Our plating processes and post treatments for corrosion protection are used to meet the most demanding requirements and OEM specifications.

  • Our systems can offer environmental advantages being free from cyanide and strong complexing materials.

  • We offer zinc electroplating processes that plate bright zinc deposits that readily accept hexavalent chromates or trivalent passivations.

Galvano Mondo offers products & technical services in 36 countries with it’s advanced laboratories & skilled employees.

When you work with Galvano Mondo you will never be alone again. We will be there for you to fix every problem you face, and to assist you to success.

Zinc Electroplating Processes

INVICTA 210  Alkaline cyanide free zinc plating process

ZINCOSTAR 3135 Ammonium based acid chloride zinc plating process

ZINCOSTAR 3127 Potassium based acid chloride zinc plating process

ZINCOSTAR Z 7.0 Bright Cyanide zinc electroplating process

Zinc Plating Chemicals






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Galvano Mondo Invicta 210 represents breakthrough for Cyanide free alkaline Zinc electroplating technology

With the introduction of the Invicta 210 to the market almost a decade ago, Galvano Mondo pioneered the world’s most advanced alkaline non cyanide zinc electroplating system…


INVICTA 210 is an alkaline, cyanide free electroplating process for the deposition of bright zinc.
INVICTA 210 uses a unique additive system that can be fully analyzed.
INVICTA 210 is easy to operate and control.
INVICTA 210 is highly suited to both rack and barrel electroplating.
INVICTA 210 Contains no strong complexing agents and is easy to waste water treat.
INVICTA 210 Deposits exhibit uniform thickness distribution and consistent brightness, that are blister-free with excellent adhesion properties.
INVICTA 210 Deposits can be further enhanced by the application of post treatment products, which provide color and improve functional properties such as corrosion resistance.

The bright acid zinc process ZINCOSTAR 3135 is mainly used for plating on consumer parts to obtain very uniform brightness and levelling in all current density areas.

  • Good corrosion resistance is obtained in combination with suitable chromates and passivations.
  • Free from any complexing agents
  • Low consumption
  • Excellent and uniform bright plating with outstandingly good bright throwing power
  • Good ductility of the zinc deposits, also in continuous operation
  • Very well suited for zinc plating of cast iron and hardened or high-strength steels
  • High current efficiency and rates of deposition
  • Lowest possible costs of the treatment of effluents (simple alkali neutralization)

Zincostar 3127 Potassium Based Acid Chloride Zinc Electroplating Process

  • Zincostar 3127 is an economical brightener process for depositing mirror bright , levelled, ductile zinc deposits in acid chloride zinc plating electrolytes.
  • Operates at higher temperatures than competitive systems.
  • Deposits readily accept blue-bright and yellow chromate dips.
  • Additives have excellent bath solubility compared to competitive systems.
  • Low consumption.
  • Baths contain no ammonium salts, completely eliminating wastewater problems.

Zincostar Z 7.0 Cyanide Zinc Electroplating Process

Most concentrated cyanide zinc brightener ever made

  • Zincostar Z 7.0 is formulated to produce brilliant deposits at low, medium, and high current densities for both, barrel and rack operations .
  • Zincostar Z 7.0 has a excellent throwing and covering power and also plated parts can easily be chromated.
  • Due to the variable metal and cyanide content of the solution, it may be used over a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Zincostar Z 7.0 can tolerate higher working temperatures than competitive products.