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Featured Products

Mondoclear 9000
Mondoclear 9000Cathodic Electrophoretic Lacquer
Lowest possible cure schedule for a cathodic electrophoretic lacquer. DREAM of a Zinc Die cast plater. 90 C (194 F) curing temperature.
Perla 1800
Perla 1800Satin Nickel Electroplating Process
Galvano Mondo offers PERLA 1800 Satin Nickel Electroplating process. Ultimate long lasting satin effect without any problems and without black pittings on the deposit. Higly levelled satin deposits can be produced.
Nichem EN
Nichem EN Electroless Nickel Process
Stabilized electroless nickel processes for functional plating of every kind of products. Our quality proven chemical nickel plating products meet every specification which automotive industry needs. With excellent corrosion protection, very uniform thickness and hardness.
Invicta 210
Invicta 210 Alkaline Non Cyanide Zinc Process
With the introduction of the Invicta 210 to the market almost a decade ago, Galvano Mondo pioneered the world’s most advanced alkaline non cyanide zinc electroplating system…